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Why did our group of veterans start thankingvets.com website?

To help anyone, express and show a sincere "Thank you to all veterans"

   The Idea for thankingvets.com formed from an overheard conversation of 5 or 6 veterans at the Phoenix, AZ VA hospital.

The Vets were discussing people saying "Thank you for your service" and the effect it has on them when they detect that a person puts no meaning in their "Thank You". Their consensus was that it made them feel like crap, when said without meaning.

Together, we can reduce or stop any misperceptions as the above conversations shows can happen.

The Purpose of our website is to provide a delivery system, for anyone to clearly show their sincere "Thank You" to all Veterans.

Our Mission is to provide individual veterans a method (public sales job) to earn a few dollars for food, bus fare and other needs while improving the veteran's self esteem. We want to give veterans a healing "hand-up" not a handout.

Our delivery is simple and benefits both the Veteran(s) and the people who want to show their "Thank You For Your Service" is real.

Click on TAKE ACTION PAGE and you will accomplish many things in one action.

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Behind the scenes our veterans are working toward turning the public side of this idea over to the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber would handle such things as this website, verify individuals are real veterans for direct public sales.

The entire process is designed, printed and manufactured in the USA by veterans!

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